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Oct 8, 2015

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These days, more than ever, “community” means different things to different people. Given the hectic schedules of both individuals and families, finding a way to stay connected in your community can be as challenging as ever. Here are just a few creative ways this blogger’s community members are managing to stay connected:

The arrival of fall brings many things, including cooler weather, an obsession for hot beverages and lots of scarves. Unfortunately, the cooler months also bring seasonal colds, allergies and flus that can easily take us down. And with the kids back in school, germs can spread faster than ever (cue more hot beverages, and more scarves).

My friend Greg paid for his house in cash. Granted that was more than 40 years ago, houses were cheaper then and Greg and his wife were mad savers, but still. Being able to buy a house in one fell swoop certainly leaves more of your weekly paycheck for other things. Like shoes.

Fall has arrived! And while these beautiful days may have you lulled into believing that we’re still clinging to Summer, these chilly mornings will wake you right up and remind you that it’s time to get your home ready for cooler, wetter weather.

Searching for the perfect home online is easier than ever. As a buyer, whether or not you realize it, browsing countless listings on the internet has given you a lot of knowledge you may not have had years ago (or at least, not until much later in the buying process). So when it comes to your real estate education, where’s your comfort zone?

Everybody’s doing it, or so it seems. And why not: Interest rates are still low, credit is easier to get today than it was a few years ago and you’ve got a nice chunk of change burning a hole in your savings account. Although inventory is scarce, now is still a great time to buy a house. But should you?

The Pacific Northwest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Lush forests and countless green trees cover rolling hills, surrounded by water just about everywhere you go. Many cities and neighborhoods are gorgeous, but few surpass the beauty of Anacortes, a quaint, charming community on the water.

Our recent wind storms got me thinking about emergency preparedness. So did the New Yorker article, The Really Big One, but that’s another story. What I determined after almost 2 days without power, was that I wasn’t ready for even a minor storm or inconvenience. Since then I have hopped into action, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Sep 1, 2015

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Charly Tate

We’re in the dog days of summer, and the days are already getting noticeably shorter. I grieve this time of year, when the cooler breeze comes back and scarves once again become a part of my daily wardrobe. But with the shifting seasons comes something else, something that I love to go crazy about.

So, you want to buy a home and you’ve done all the right things in the right order. You’re pre-approved for a mortgage, you found a local real estate broker, and together you have made a coordinated effort to employ all available options to find the perfect home: A comprehensive online search, exhaustive neighborhood research, open house tours every weekend, private showings, and you’ve finally found THE ONE! Now all you need to do is open the Purchase & Sale Agreement that your broker sent via email, choose a cool font for your electronic signature, click through the contract where it tells you to sign…SO SLICK!...takes just a few minutes and it’s all done! As soon as the sellers sign you’ve bought yourself a house!

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